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What you need to know about the new Nintendo Switch OLED Model console

Nintendo Switch OLED Model
The Nintendo Switch OLED Model, released on Oct. 8, 2021, features a vibrant new 7-inch OLED HD display. Nintendo

Looking for the newest gaming console on the block? Meet the Nintendo Switch OLED Model, the latest iteration of the gaming giant's popular Switch console. The new device, available now, boasts a larger 7-inch OLED screen that offers more vivid colors and sharper contrast than previous models when used in hand-held mode.

The Nintendo Switch OLED Model is now the third Switch console in Nintendo's lineup. The OLED Switch retails for $350, or $50 more than the non-OLED Nintendo Switch model ($300). Nintendo will also continue to offer the colorful Nintendo Switch Lite for $199, a handheld console that plays all the Nintendo Switch games, but does not connect to TVs.

Nintendo Switch OLED Model box

Nintendo Switch OLED Model, $350 (list price)

The new Nintendo Switch OLED Model is available at Amazon, GameStop, Best Buy -- in theory. The truth is that restocks are sporadic, and when a restock happens, the new gaming console sells out almost immediately. If you're hoping to pay list price for the Nintendo Switch OLED -- $350 -- you'll need to hit your refresh button over and over, at different times of day, hoping you get lucky.

Don't want to rely on luck? You can always get the Nintendo Switch OLED through a third-party seller on a resale website, though you'll pay a premium for the privilege. Forget those third-party sellers on Amazon and The best deal for the Nintendo Switch OLED can be had at StockX, where it's available for $418 (price current as of publication).

Nintendo Switch OLED Model, $418 (resale price) 

What's new with the Nintendo Switch OLED

Nintendo Switch OLED Model kickstand

The first thing you need to know about the Nintendo Switch OLED is that it's not the long-awaited and long-rumored Nintendo Switch Pro. The new console does not support 4K resolution, nor is the hardware any faster than the older Switch model.

The main upgrade in the Nintendo Switch OLED is screen quality and screen size: It's a 7-inch console, as compared to the older Switch's 6.2-inch screen size. It also comes with a wider kickstand, better speakers and twice the internal storage, or 64GB. It also comes with a new style of dock, with a built-in wired LAN port.

Nintendo Switch OLED Model, $350

What games should you play on the Nintendo Switch OLED

Metroid Dread for the Nintendo Switch

All existing Nintendo Switch games will play on the new Nintendo Switch OLED, so there are no worries about compatibility. The launch of the Nintendo Switch OLED coincides with the launch of the Metroid Dread, the first new 2D Metroid game in 19 years. In it, Samus Aran returns to explore the planet ZDR, a world infested with dangerous aliens and deadly robots.

In its review of the game, NintendoLife says, "Metroid Dread is a triumphant return for both for both Samus Aran and developer MercurySteam," further noting the game "plays better than anything we've seen from the series so far."

Screenrant, meanwhile, calls the game an instant classic, hailing the Metroid franchise's "galaxy-sized leap forward."

You can buy Metroid Dread now at Amazon, GameStop, the Nintendo Game Store and wherever video games are sold.

Metroid Dread for the Nintendo Switch

Metroid Dread screenshot

Metroid Dread for the Nintendo Switch, $60

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